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Canada Family

Sponsorship Program 2020

Process to Immigrate to Canada From India With Family

Many Canadian immigration programs allow the candidate to immigrate to Canada with their family. Canada has a strong commitment to family reunification, too, so the aspirant can also apply to sponsor his spouse, children, parents, and grandparents if he is already in Canada.

All of Canada’s economic immigration applications for permanent residency allow candidates to apply as a family. Usually, this requires one person to apply as the principal applicant. They can then include a spouse or common-law partner, as well as any dependent children.

As Canada is replenished with many Indian dwellers, therefore, it becomes easier to adapt to new places for any other Indian who has recently arrived in Canada. The newcomer is easily accepted by the Indians, who are already residing in Canada, thence, it is beneficial to sponsor the family members.




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Benefits of Moving to Canada with your Family

It has been observed in the recent years that Canada has become the hub of immigration. Millions of aspirants apply for migration to the country each year. This has led to a consistent expansion in the immigration policies and practices of the Canadian government and thus made it simpler than ever to move to Canada. Here are some of the benefits one can enjoy by immigrating to Canada with your family:

  • Canada is an immigrant friendly country where there is virtually never any news of discrimination or violence against ethnic minorities.
  • Canada’s family sponsorship program has been designed to allow immigrant families to move to the country as a unit and showcases the Canadian government’s commitment to improving the quality of life of its citizens.
  • Canada has one of the most dynamic and robust Indian immigrant communities around the world. Thus, while you might be moving to a foreign country, you will always be surrounded by Indians who come from similar backgrounds and your own.
  • Canada is an ideal place to raise children. With wide and diverse learning, education and employment opportunities available at highly subsidized costs, Canada is a dream study destination for students all across the world.
  • Canada has one of the highest-standards of living among all first-world nations and you can see the difference in their approach to living from the moment you set foot on Canadian soil.


For the family sponsorship, IRCC has set some milestones for the members of the family which they have to cross. If you are eager to know the benefits of sponsorship, you are advised to fill our Free Assessment form and Get free Advice from Our Experts!

Requirements for Moving to Canada with Family

Canada offers liberal policies and practices for family sponsorship, so that the immigrant’s family member can enjoy all the rights of Canadians. This has been one of the major reasons for the popularity of Canada immigration among people from Southeast Asia, particularly India, where family plays a pivotal role in one’s life. If you look forward to lead an exotic lifestyle accompanied with remunerative placement, then, Canada is the best place to immigrate. Your dependents can’t arrive in Canada before you. They must arrive with you or after you. You may be able to sponsor them after you immigrate.  Now, let us take a look at the immigration policies of family members who might be migrating with you to Canada like children, spouses, parents, grandparents etc.

  • Spouses: The Canadian immigration policy states that you can consider someone to be your spouse or common-law partner if they have been living with you for at least one year. You don’t need to make a separate application for your partner when you make your own immigration application and the IRCC will naturally assume that you are planning to migrate with your partner unless you list yourself as a bachelor. Note here that the parameters for selection for couples are different and usually higher than that of single immigrants. So, make sure you know the particulars for immigration in your case before you apply.

  • Children : In a recent press release by the IRCC, any dependant under the age of 22 years who does not have a spouse can be considered a child and thus will be eligible for all the benefits due to a child as per the norms set by the IRCC. In certain cases, where the dependant is above the age of 22 years, but has some physical or mental disability which inhibits them from working or fending for themselves, will also be included in your general application as the principal applicant. In the case where your spouse also has children of her own who qualify the above mentioned criteria, you can include them in your application as well.

  • Parents/Grandparents: At present, the IRCC does not allow parents and/or grandparents to be part of the original immigration application. They must be sponsored separately once the principal applicant has already settled in Canada and have cleared the minimum residence time required to be able to qualify for enabling sponsoring of other individuals into Canada as PRs, which includes parents and grandparents. There are, however, certain considerations you will need to make if you want to sponsor your parents and/or grandparents in Canada. These are:

  • You must provide them with financial aid if they are going to retire for a period between 3 to 10 years.

  • Your parents and/or grandparents must be willing to make all reasonable efforts to support themselves.

Keep in mind, however, that there are certain restrictions that come into play if you want to sponsor your parents and/or grandparents:

You did not abide by the financial support conditions for another relative you sponsored in the past.

  • You have ever defaulted on a court support order, such as a child support order.
  • Have ever received benefits/financial support from the Canadian government (except support for a disability)
  • Have ever been convicted of a violent or sexual offense, or any offense against a relative.
  • Have ever missed payments, made late payments, or defaulted on an immigration loan.
  • You are currently in prison.
  • You are currently declared bankrupt.

Now that you have a brief idea as to how you can migrate to Canada with your family and begin a new life there, let us tell you how we can help you achieve those dreams. In this following segment we will speak of the quality services of Nationwide Immigration and how they can help you move to Canada with your whole family in a timely and cost efficient manner.

Want to know more about the family immigration specifications that might apply to your case? Contact us, Truvisory Immigration Services today and we will get you in touch with a Canada immigration professional who can resolve all your queries.


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There is no better option than Truvisory immigration, if you dream to migrate to Canada. Pick up your keys, gear up and straightaway come to us for advice. We are always available to render help to our honorable clientele.


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