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Canada Immigration

Demand Occupation list 2020

Many Indians envision migrating to Canada because of immense work opportunities offered by the Canadian government accompanied with luxurious living standard.  Latest Express Entry Program initiated by the Government of Canada has opened the doors for skilled workers and made employment in Canada much more feasible. Express Entry Program calls the aspirant for authentic documentation of personal details such as age, education, adaptability and work experience and evaluation is conducted on the basis of Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS), in accordance to which the candidate score points. The scoring of ample points can generate possibilities of PR Status in Canada, which helps provide the right to reside in any province and helps in attaining job opportunities based on the capabilities of the individual.

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Various Options Available

Canada is a vast nation where career opportunities are countless and multifarious. The candidate can look for any placement in consonance with his capabilities and qualification. However, it is suggested that the candidate must work in the same field for 12 months before making his mind to switch over to another profession. After the specific period of one year, the candidate can shift himself to other jobs as per his needs and talents as Canada accepts every talented person with open arms.

Occupation in Demand list for Canada immigration

The occupation in-demand is an exclusive and peculiar bracket for migration to Canada, which permits the candidate to migrate without the job offer. According to the survey conducted, it has been observed that many other agencies suggest the candidate to look for a job themselves before thinking of migrating. Rather, we, at Truvisory immigration are of the opinion that if you apply through the occupation in-demand category, you don’t need a job offer. However, a successful immigration application through the OID category requires many milestones to cover.

Canada Occupation in-Demand Requirements 2020

Though, Canada offers immense placements for the trained candidates who wish to migrate to this nation without a valid job offer through the channel of an OID (Occupation in Demand). There are some commitments which the candidate needs to fulfil. Firstly, the placement should be in high-demand, for which the candidate is looking for. This will make him feel secure and sustainable once he migrates to Canada without the job offer letter in his hand. Secondly, IRCC demands for sufficient funds to support themselves and their loved ones before moving to Canada through the Occupation in-Demand category of the Express Entry program. The candidate has to submit the evidence of his assets to the Canadian government to ensure that he has adequate funds with him.

Some of the major professions in India with respective NOC (National Classification Code) code that is in-demand in Canada in 2020 are as follows:

  • Doctors – NOC code 3112 (General Practitioners and Family Physicians)
  • Chef – NOC code 6321
  • Chartered Accountants – NOC code 111 (Financial Auditors and Accountants)
  • Indian Lawyers – NOC code 4112
  • Software Engineer – NOC code 2173
  • Teachers – NOC code 4032 (Elementary School and Kindergarten Teachers)
  • Sales and Marketing Manager – NOC code 0611 (Sales, Marketing and Advertising Manager)
  • Mechanical Engineers – NOC code 2132
  • Food Technologist – NOC code 2211 (Chemical technologists and technicians)
  • Dentist – NOC code 3113
  • Nurses – NOC code 3012
Highly Jobs in-Demand in Canada 2020

The following is a list of in-Demand jobs or occupations in Canada. These have been categorized into 3 sub-categories as per the NOC or National Occupations Classifications list – Categories O, A and B. Out of these, Category O or management jobs have the greatest demand in Canada right now. So, if you have a Master’s degree in Business Administration and have at last 1 year of working experience, you can apply for immigration to Canada through the odd stream and may just land yourself the job of a lifetime!  If your particular profession or vocation falls into any of these categories, then you have a good chance of moving to Canada without a job offer.

Truvisory Immigration Can Help you if Your Occupation is in demand in Canada

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Canada’s PNP Occupation in-Demand List 2020

Apart from the list provided above, every province in Canada has a Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) to nominate/select skilled immigrants for permanent resident status in the respective province. There are multiple streams under PNPs and one of the major streams is the Occupation In-demand stream. Following are some Occupation In-demand lists 2020 are as follows with respective PNPs:

  • Alberta Occupation In-Demand list
  • British Columbia Occupation In-Demand list
  • Manitoba Occupation In-Demand list
  • Nova Scotia Occupation In-Demand list
  • Ontario Occupation In-Demand list
  • SINP Occupation In-Demand list
  • Quebec PNP Occupation In-demand list
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