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Canada PR Application

Documents Required from India

Canada is a country in the northern part of North America. Its ten provinces and three territories extend from the Atlantic to the Pacific and northward into the Arctic Ocean, covering 9.98 million square kilometers, making it the world’s second-largest country by total area. Canada recommends diverse opportunities for International aspirants to work, live or gain an education on various grounds. When a person acquires visa for Permanent Residency from Canadian authorities, one can enjoy maximum Fundamental Rights and economy benefits of Canada. Beneath Express Entry program, the process to procure Canada PR is 6-8 months. Once the achievement of Canada PR is done, the person is eligible to dwell, work or obtain knowledge for 5 years.

Everybody across the globe, be it learner or professional, look forward to migrate to Canada for the betterment of their life. As Canada is a developed nation with enhanced economy, it offers immense job opportunities for training and learned workers. Canadian Permanent Residents enjoy a number of privileges which are almost similar to those enjoyed by actual citizens. These include free health care, free education, protection under law, sponsorship opportunities etc. After residing for a period of 3 consecutive years in Canada, the PR holders are eligible to apply for Canadian citizenship. Express Entry system paves a swift way for migration of the aspirants. Because of these reasons, people from other countries lure to migrate to Canada.

If the applicant wishes to process Canada PR immigration application swiftly and efficiently, then the most important thing to do is to make sure all the documents submitted are authenticated. We, at Truvisory Immigration have compiled a list of important documents that every applicant needs to submit so that their immigration application is processed flawlessly without any obstacles. So, here is a list of documents that the IRCC needs you to submit for immigration to Canada with PR visa:

Educational Credential Assessment
  • The Education Credential Assessment

The ECA is one of the most efficient document you need to complete your immigration application to Canada. The reason behind is that it gives the immigration officer’s solid evidence that your educational qualifications are genuine and match with the Canadian education system. The ECA is issued by the World Education Services after a thorough investigation into the university or institutions from which you hold your educational qualifications. They charge a nominal fee for their services.

If you seek help in getting the ECA and wish it to be done as quickly as possible, then we recommend you to take the advice of our trained professionals. Truvisory Immigration Services has helped over 25,000 candidates to migrate to Canada from India. We have helped endless people procure and assess their documents in order and make their immigration application to be processed in the shortest possible time. Come to us for customized documentation services and let our experts handle all your documentation needs including ECA. Call us right now!

    • IELTS Scores

    This is one of the scary tests which maximum Indians face to conduct, though it is not too difficult as it seems. Rather, this will help you in locating a lucrative job and further consolidate your chances of migration. After you get the IELTS score, you need to submit them to the IRCC for verification because it has to be Added to Express Entry profile.

    Want expert help in getting and submitting the IELTS results? Let our trained experts at Truvisory Immigration assist you towards a successful submission comfortably. Our professionals have the knowledge of all the minute details that need to be presented in your application followed by IELTS. Contact us today to know more about our professional documentation services.

      • Job Offer

      If you wish to apply for migration to Canada from India in 2020 through the Occupation in-Demand category, you need a placement offer to show that you are a genuine worker of the Canadian workforce. Once you receive your job offer letter, get a hard copy of the same and give it to your case manager who is handling your case. For this, you need to come to us at  Truvisory Immigration to handle this part of the document submission process. We swear that that your documentation submission will be done in the best possible way so that your assessment and evaluation is done flawlessly.


job offer pass up
  • Provincial Nomination Program

Getting yourself a provincial nomination is one of the best ways of ensuring you get selected for immigration to Canada. However, the second-most important thing in this regard is to submit the PNP documents properly to showcase that you have been selected for immigration to a particular state. Many people think that once they have the PNP, their immigration done for sure. However, this is not true as you will need to file the documents properly in order to show that you are an eligible candidate for immigration to Canada.                                                           

At Truvisory Immigration, we provide complete immigration help to our clients. Our Canada immigration experts tackle each case individually and take special precautions to ensure that all the filing is done in the flawless way. The IRCC follows strict criteria for submission of immigration application and if by chance any mistake is done, then the application can be rejected. For this reason, we always recommend to take the help of experts while filing the application. We make sure that you get through all this in one go.


Provincial Nomination Program processing time
  • Medical and Police Clearances

Finally, you have gotten your PR visa and are all set to move to Canada with your family. However, you will still need to complete a few formalities before you can officially enter Canada as a permanent resident. The IRCC requires that all PR visa immigrants get a medical and a police clearance before they are allowed entry into Canada and can claim the benefits given to Permanent Residents of the country. Without these, you cannot enter Canada and actualize your PR visa at all.

 In order to leave no space for mistakes at this crucial point in your immigration, Truvisory Immigrationprovides complete documentation services. We feel gratitude towards our headquarter which is located in Canada, for providing post-immigration assistance, which includes medical and police clearance certificates.  
Why Choose Truvisorys Immigration Services?

Truvisory Immigration possesses proficient and knowledgeable experts who advise on immigration assistance programs. Our experts are well versed in all aspects of Canada immigration and can take care of any of the issues relevant to it with great responsibility. We have a list of hundred satisfied clients.  All you have to do is fill out our free assessment form and we will take care of the rest. If you want to know what truly world-class immigration services are like, then get in touch with us and we will guide for the same in detail. Contact us today!

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