Canada Permanent Residency Benefits 2020 From India

With permanent residence, the candidate is legally authorized to live and work freely, anywhere in Canada for as long as he would like. He can change employers, move between provinces, and sponsor the spouse, and dependent children to join him, though he might not even need to sponsor them, as many PR immigration programs allows to bring the family with him in his initial application! Permanent resident status gives the candidate all the legal rights and abilities as the Canadian citizen possesses. PR status does not expire. In order to maintain one’s status, the candidate has to reside in Canada for a minimum of two out of every five years. If he stays for three out of five years, then he becomes eligible to apply for Canadian citizenship, which gives the aspirant the legal right to vote and run for political office.

To become a permanent resident in Canada, the aspirant has to apply through an official immigration program. There are many different immigration pathways in Canada, ranging from immigration for workers, immigration for students, and immigration for families. However, the most popular immigration option for Indian residents is Express Entry’s Federal Skilled Worker program. Express Entry is the fastest immigration system that does not require a job offer, does not even require any Canadian experience, rather allows bringing the family with him.

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Canada is a vast country with the mammoth economic sector, which is rapidly expanding at present. This economic rise is presumed to accelerate through the following decades. To help you to be decisive whether migration to Canada will benefit you or not, we have enlisted below many reasons why you should think of creating and filing Canada PR application in 2020. Kindly jot down the benefits:

  • Booming Economic Sector
    Canada has largest economies around the globe, and the placement sector has been thundering over the past few years. There is no unemployment rate recorded as of now, the essence being there is immense availability of placements. Therefore, the main reason for which Canada entertains new immigrants every year is the job opportunity.
    There are multiple career opportunities in Canada, including high demand in the oil and gas industries, also in healthcare, infrastructure, and construction. It has been observed that in recent years Canada universally accepted as a booming hub for tech-talent, with Toronto acquires the caption of the fastest growing tech-hub in North America, overshadowing Silicon Valley. Other Canadian cities to have prospered placement markets, including two other major immigrant destinations, Vancouver and Montreal.
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  • Civil Rights
    The Canadian Government also invests highly in social services and social security. Citizens and PRs can make use of various schemes, including subsidies, basic pension, tax benefits for families, workers’ compensation, unemployment insurance, and more. Another main reason for Canada’s popularity among the international immigration community is its highly liberal civil rights system. As a Permanent Resident of Canada, you are eligible to enjoy all the political and social rights which are enjoyed by Canadian citizens. The candidate can apply for Canadian citizenship after living there for just 3 years. Liberalism is the commendable factor of Canadian government, which it offers for PR holders.
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  • Free Healthcare
    As a permanent resident in Canada, you will have access to Canada’s free health care benefits. A distant dream in some countries, Canada offers PRs world-class health care, and they don’t have to spend any money. If your family members immigrated with you, they will also be equally benefitted of these facilities. As soon as you avail PR status in Canada, you can have the advantage of free health care offered by the Canadian government.
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  • Free Education
    Canada provides free education to all children under the age of 18. This is for primary and secondary school education also up to high school diploma. As a permanent resident, access to this type of education could be a turning point for your family’s future. Being able to send your children to well-established schools followed by modernised teachings, and on top of that not spending any single money on their education is a dream-come-true for any parent.
    Apart from that, the Canadian government also cater to scholarships for students for higher education. These benefits ensure that you and your family enjoy the possibility for affordable advanced-levels of education and a high standard of living.
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  • Large Immigrant Presence

Canada is one of the safest countries around the globe, so as a permanent resident, you can rest assured that your family will be secure in their life in Canada. In the 2019 Global Peace Index, Canada ranked as the 6th safest country in the world. 

In addition to safety, Canada is also a massive country with a very small population. Canada’s population is only 37.5 million people, a big difference from the 1.3 billion people living in India. Based on the size of the countries, Canada has a population density of 4 people per square kilometer, while India’s population density is 460 people per square kilometer. 

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