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The Germany Jobseeker Visa is an activity by the Germany Federal Government to support qualified, talented migrants to go into the nation, get a new line of work of their decision, and settle to work in the long haul. 

By acquiring this visa, a talented specialist gains admittance to the German employment advertise. He can enter the nation, travel anyplace, and post for occupation at a nearby level.

The German Job Seeker Visa is a German National long-stay visa that was built up in August 2012. The fundamental thought is to bait more qualified specialists from abroad to come to Germany to go to meetings and get a new line of work.

The deficiency of skilled specialists in numerous divisions and callings in Germany, explicitly engineering, manufacturing, and the IT sectors, as well as health specialists, has pushed the Federal Government to attempt to discover different arrangements so as to fill the work holes.

Equipped with the essential aptitudes and experience, there is no place like Germany to accomplish your abroad dream. 

Highly skilled migrants are in extraordinary demand in Germany.

It has now gotten one of the most lucrative & rewarding choices for experts from different foundations.

As indicated by Wikipedia, Germany homed about 110,204 Indians in 2009. Sources uncover this number has developed by multiple times over the most recent 10 years. 

These insights demonstrate well that it is so easy to settle in Germany for Indians. 

There is a popular demand for qualified mechanical, car, electrical and development engineers, IT experts, prepared medical caretakers and specialists, and instructors and below mentioned : 

• Engineer: Mechanical, Electrical, Automobile & civil

• Information Technology (IT): Software Developers, Data Analysis, Internet Manager & other IT Engineers

• Health Care: Nurses, Doctors, Pharmaceuticals & other medical professionals

• Education: Mathematics & Science Professionals

• Other: Professionals with a vocational diploma of a minimum of 3 years.

The motivation behind why Indians are highly sought after in Germany on the grounds that a dominant part of Indian candidates decide on degrees of streams where Germany has skills shortage also the most top extent of business and pay.


As indicated by the overall principle of the department, the preparation season for the German Job Seeker Visa takes almost 4 to 6 weeks.

In any case, this handling time significantly relies on how fast you are in presenting all the documents that are required for the procedure.

What are the essential steps for applying for a Germany Job Seeker Visa?

STEP 1: Arranging your documentation.

Assemble all the archives required by the reporting agenda. Keep the reports either in English or German language.

STEP 2: Filling out the Application Form.

Complete the job seeker application form carefully and have a thorough check. Print it and sign it at the end of the application.

STEP 3: Booking an Appointment.

Book an appointment with the German mission in your home country as you may get a date of 3 months later.

Pay the fees required for a german seeker visa, and you will receive a receipt for the application process.

Documents required for Germany Job Seeker Visa :

As per the German Missions in India, you will require the following to apply for the Germany Position Seeker Visa : 

-Valid passport

-Passport-sized pictures 

-Copy of the data page of your passport.

-Curriculum Vitae 

-Cover Letter 

-Proof of Academic Qualification and Work Experience. 

-Proof of Accommodation. 

-Proof of Health Insurance.

-Proof of Financial Means 

-Proof of your personal status in India

-Cash or Demand Draft for covering the costs of the verification of your documents. 

-Proof of accommodation.

Costs incurred during the visa procedure:

Visa Fees: INR 6200 approx. or € 75

Document Verification Fees: INR 30,000

What is the fund’s requirement for a Germany Visa?

Travel Insurance of at least 6 months: Costs depends upon your selected scheme

Fund Maintenance: Approx. INR 3,17,152.64 (4000€)

The Germany Job seeker visa holders can stay in Germany for up to six months in search of a job in their field. Once they find the job they must convert it into an employment residence permit. Once you get a job you have two possibilities:

-you can either apply for an EU Blue Card, or

-you can apply for an employment residence permit

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