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Ontario Provincial Nominee Program Requirements 2020

How to migrate to Ontario

The Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP) is the province’s economic immigration program. It works in partnership with the Government of Canada through Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). Foreign workers, international students and others with the right skills, experience and education can apply to the OINP for a nomination. Ontario is the populous state of Canada with almost 40 percent of the nation’s population residing there. It is also one of the most renowned immigration destinations in Canada because of its geographical beauty.


OINP has following sub-categories that are designed to welcome immigrants with different backgrounds like skilled workers, business immigrants, and graduates:

  • Human Capital Category
  • Employer Job Offer Category
  • Business Category
Overview of OINP Categories

Human Capital Category

Ontario’s Express Entry Human Capital Priorities Stream is an immigration stream under the Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP). It gives foreign workers with the required skilled work experience, language abilities and education the opportunity to apply to permanently live and work in Ontario.  It mainly consists of five streams that are divided into two categories:

Ontario Express Entry Stream

The HCP stream is well-known as compared to other streams. Those thinking to reside and make their career in Ontario mostly apply through this stream. HCP is aligned with the Canadian central government’s Express Entry program and provides nominations for only the highest scoring candidates in the job pool. Three streams under OINP’s Express entry are as follows:

  • Ontario Express Entry: Human Capital Priorities Stream: This stream allows the OINP to nominate express entry registered candidates to apply for provincial nomination. Express Entry candidates who have the required skilled work experience, education, and other major characteristics are invited to this stream. OINP’s newly launched Tech Draws are also held through OINP Human Capital Priorities Stream.
  • Ontario Express Entry: French-Speaking Skilled Worker Stream: Through this stream, the province of Ontario can nominate/select skilled French-speaking express entry candidates with strong English language proficiency, work experience, and other major requirements.
  • Ontario Express Entry Skilled Trades System: This stream allows the province to targets tradespersons with ongoing or recent work experience of working in the province.
What are the minimum requirements for OINP’s Express Entry Stream?

The following table will illustrate the basic criteria to be eligible under various categories under the Ontario PNP – Express Entry stream:


CategoryMinimum RequirementJob-offer required?
Human Capital PrioritiesHave a valid express entry profile and meet the minimum CRS score requirement that is determined by the director of OINPNo
French-Speaking Skilled WorkerHas valid express entry profile with CLB level 7 or better French Proficiency and CLB level 6 or better in English abilityNo
Skilled TradesBe in the express pool as a Canadian Experience Class (CEC) candidate and must be currently residing in the province, with work experience in a listed skilled tradeNo
What is OINP Tech Draws?

Tech Draws are a recently developed right set of circumstances under OINP Human Capital Priorities Stream with the main purpose of identifying immigrants with technical skills in the federal government’s express pool. OINP searchers for the candidates who are:

  • Able to meet the minimum requirement of the Human Capital Priorities Stream
  • Having work experience in of the targeted National Occupation Classification (NOC) codes

Following are the list of targeted NOC code for technical occupation under tech draws:

  • Software Engineers and designers (NOC Code 2173)
  • Computer programmers and interactive media developers (NOC Code 2174)
  • Computer engineers (NOC Code 2147)
  • Web designers and developers (NOC Code 2175)
  • Database analytics and data administrators (NOC Code 2172)
  • Computer and information systems managers (NOC Code 0213)

These tech professionals are based to meet the needs of Ontario employers, by engaging with stakeholders across the province through a survey and face-to-face consultations.

What are the documents required to apply under OINP Express Entry Human Capital Priorities Stream 2020?

Candidates are required to scan and upload copies of the following mandatory documents with the application:

  • Notification of Interest (NOI) from Ontario
  • Identity documents
  • Status documents in Canada
  • Education documents
  • Language test results
  • Documents to support employment in the province (if applicable)
  • Proof of funds
  • Other optional documents (if applicable)

International Graduates Stream

The international Graduate stream has selected the recently graduated International Students who latterly acquired a master’s or doctoral degree from a renowned Ontario university.

  • Masters Graduate Stream: International students who have graduated with a master’s degree from an acclaimed University of Ontario are eligible to apply for provincial nomination under this stream. Having a job offer is not mandatory to apply under this stream.
  • D. Graduate Stream: International students who are Ph.D. Holder from an esteemed University of Ontario are eligible to apply under this stream.

Employer Job-Offer Category

Under this category, capable workers of Ontario or international students that have a valid job offer can be nominated.

  • International Students Stream: International students with placement letter can apply for Ontario provincial nomination through this stream.
  • On-Demand Stream: Immigrants with work experience in agriculture or construction, or having a job-offer to settle and work in the province permanently.
What are the minimum requirements to be eligible under OINP’s Employer Job-offer Category?

The following table will illustrate the basic criteria to be eligible under various categories under Ontario PNP – Employer Job-offer category:


Stream/CategoryMinimum RequirementsJob-offer required?
International StudentGraduated from a degree program at a Canadian education institution that is of minimum two years of duration, or a diploma, or university that is a minimum one-year post-graduate certificate programYes
Foreign WorkerHave a permanent job offer in a skilled occupationYes
In-demand SkillsRecently worked in the province in high demand occupation in agriculture or constructionYes

OINP Business Category – Entrepreneur Stream

International proficient businessmen, who want to own and run their own business in Ontario, can apply through this stream. Once the application of the candidate is successfully processed, they issue a temporary work permit – that is based on a performance agreement –to establish a business in the province. If the candidate can meet all the conditions of the signed performance agreement, then they are nominated for a Canada permanent resident visa.

The minimum requirements to be eligible under the OINP’s Entrepreneur Stream are as follows:

  • Business owner/managerial work experience;
  • High Net Worth (minimum CAD $800,000);
  • Personal Investment funds (minimum CAD $500,000);
  • Create two or more jobs;

What are the steps to have a successful OINP application in 2020?

To make the submission of OINP application triumphant, candidates are requested to pay attention to the following points:

  • Make sure that you are eligible: The candidate has to make sure whether he can meet the minimum criterion of the Ontario PNP before applying for the provincial nomination.
  • Apply to be nominated by the Ontario government: Once the candidate has been selected under the OINP stream, then they can apply online through the OINP e-Filing point.The time duration of the process to complete an online application can be 2 to 3 hours.
  • Apply to the Canadian government for permanent residence: After a successful application assessment by the provincial government, the candidate is given a provincial nomination certificate. The next step is to apply for Canada PR Visa to the Immigration, Refugees & Citizenship Canada (IRCC).
What is the OINP application processing time in 2020?

Ontario PNP application processing mainly depends on the stream candidate has applied for. Applications that require more information or clarification may require more processing time.

The following table illustrates application processing time under various OINP streams:


OINP StreamEstimated Processing Time
Express Entry French-Speaking Skilled Worker60-90 days
Express Entry Human Capital Priorities60-90 days
Express Entry Skilled Trades30-60 days
Masters Graduate30-60 days
Ph.D. Graduate30-60 days
Employer Job Offer: Foreign Worker60-90 days
Employer Job Offer: International Student60-90 days
Employer Job Offer: In-Demand Skills60-90 days
Entrepreneur StreamDepends on the complexity of the application
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